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 April 7, 1992 Laundry Room Studio Seattle, WA, US

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Fecha de inscripción : 14/07/2009
Localización : Lima

MensajeTema: April 7, 1992 Laundry Room Studio Seattle, WA, US   Miér Feb 03, 2010 6:00 pm

April 7, 1992 Laundry Room Studio Seattle, WA, US

Cobain, Kurt (vocals, guitar)
Grohl, Dave (drums)
Novoselic, Krist (bass)
Jones, Barrett (producer, engineer)
[O] Oh, The Guilt
[O] Curmudgeon
[O] Return of the Rat
[X] Return of the Rat (instrumental)

Best available sources
Source Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes

SBD #1a 10.0 No 0:03:05 Official CD (Various Artists - Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage & The Wipers)
• Return of the Rat

SBD #1b 10.0 No 0:02:58 Official CD (Lithium)
• Curmudgeon

SBD #1c 10.0 No 0:03:23 Official CD (Oh, The Guilt)
• Oh, The Guilt

SBD #1d 10.0 No 0:09:37 Official CD (With The Lights Out)
• Oh, The Guilt
• Curmudgeon
• Return of the Rat Adam Kasper remixes.

April '92 saw NIRVANA return to the studio for the first time following the huge success of Nevermind. Producer, Barrett Jones, had built a studio in the basement of the Seattle house he and his girlfriend shared with Dave Grohl.

According to Jones, the whole session took only two or three days to track and mix. (31) Three songs were recorded on a tascam 38 (½" 8-track) w/DBX and mixed to ¼" at 15 ips. (31) Jones does not think that any outtakes or alternate versions were saved. (1)

Gaar notes that Oh, The Guilt was released exclusively on Touch & Go Records as a split single with The Jesus Lizard at Cobain's insistence, although DGC did not want to give away another new song to another indie label. (1)

Jones recalls the session being Quick and smooth, adding, Yes, that's a lighter that Kurt was flicking in Oh The Guilt! (31)

©️ Alex Roberts.
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April 7, 1992 Laundry Room Studio Seattle, WA, US
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